New Star Massage in Brainerd has been accused by some of being less than a legitimate massage parlor.

Back massage.
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Recently, critics were upset about a photo layout of one of the masseuses was thought to be a bit provocative.

The term "massage parlor" conjures up seedy image in some people. According to management at New Star Massage they are totally legit and don't know or understand why some people think otherwise.


This is a quote from management, posted on their Facebook page.

 New star massage Brainerd MN 56401 We have been here for over two years. If we offer extra service we would been shut down by the city already. We prevent any employees form offer extra service. They have to sign a agreement if they offer they will be fined. And all rooms have posted a sign that all customers must keep their hands to themselves and respect our massage therapist. Or the massage therapist will stop and leave the room. The customers still have to pay full price for the massage.

This seems pretty straight forward. It's true, that if they were engaging in illegal activities, they would have been shut down.

So, we wish them well and hope this whole story has a "happy ending" (sorry)

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