'Breaking Bad's final eight episodes won't premiere until August 11, but even with eight hours remaining in the journey of Walter White, we've precious few details of what we're in for. Now that AMC has debuted the first poster and teaser of the final episodes, are we any closer to figuring out how the great Heisenberg comes to meet his end?

It's hard to believe that only eight episodes remain in all of 'Breaking Bad' (hopefully excluding the possibility of a 'Better Call Saul' spinoff), but AMC and series creator Vince Gilligan are keeping the final installments under tight lock and key. Via USA Today, we've got our first look at a new teaser poster and trailer for 'Breaking Bad's final episodes, the only information of which we learn is that "all bad things must come to an end."

Might that serve to imply that 'Breaking Bad's series finale will adapt the plot of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation's own closer "All Good Things," to feature Walter Whites of three different timelines converging on a meth lab explosion, while Jesse awkwardly streaks his hair? No, probably not, but the speculation needs a ceiling somewhere.

Take a look at the first poster for 'Breaking Bad's final eight episodes below, and give us your predictions for the August 11 premiere in the comments!