While I write a fair number of brew reviews, I will admit that IPA's are a section of the craft beer population that I'm just getting into.  I usually stay in my wheelhouse of ales, porters and stouts (my favorites).

When temps warm up I find it hard to dig into these rich offerings and start to gravitate towards sweeter shandies and ciders.  Recently though I've been sampling a lot of IPA's.  It's such a popular niche that I had to expand my taste buds and see what the buzz was all about.

As a casual taster, I've found IPA's fall into two categories (for me anyways) - hoppy and smooth.  Some IPA's are too bitter for my taste and others are quite drinkable.  It's all a matter of taste.

I found Third Street Brewhouse's "Angry Pirate" to be very drinkable.  We cracked open a bottle over the weekend when the humidity was peaking and everything was sticky.  It was the perfect companion for the heat.  Just a touch of bitter and bite, but it went down smooth.

We split a bottle and it went down so fast I found myself thinking I should have grabbed two or three at least.  Lesson learned.

"Angry Pirate" is available in a limited supply for a limited time.

Here's to craft beers!  Remember, everything is better in moderation, so please drink responsibly.


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