A couple friends of mine just started getting into craft beers and have been asking me for all kinds of advice.  Now, I'm no expert in the field in any way.  Merely a beer enthusiast who loves the experience of sampling various craft brews.

Here's one of my best pieces of advice for those of you looking to try as many different kinds of craft beers as possible - flights.  Go for the beer flights if they have them.

Some places have specific line-ups of flights where the beers are already predetermined and others are more flexible.

I had a very enjoyable time doing flights over at Old Capital Tavern in Sauk Rapids.  They bring you out a beer flight dry erase sheet and then you fill in the beers you would like to try.  Nothing was off limits.  Big fan of that.  For $13 there, I was able to try four different brews.

Honestly, I think this is the best way to go.  Especially when you're drinking craft beers that have really interesting flavors.  With some of the ones I picked in this round, I think a full pint would have been over kill.  The small flight glasses were more than enough to get a full experience of taste and aroma.  I highly recommend ordering flights and even sharing them with friends so you can sample a wider variety without blowing out your entire budget.

Happy tasting to you and don't forget to be safe, be responsible and always remember that everything is always better in moderation!


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