Wow!  What a difference infusion makes.  When the weather starts warming up I crave ciders and the occasional wheat beer with lemon or orange slice.  Now I'm craving something different - watermelon infused Hunny Do Wheat Beer.

Sadly, it was a very limited keg tapping, so the only way to get a sip was last night at Grizzly's.  It's all part of this really cool pairing they've started doing over there called the Tappetizer Special.  Third Street Brewhouse infuses extra flavorings into one of their popular beers and then Grizzly's pairs the special tapping with an appetizer.

This week we got to experience watermelon infused Hunny Do paired with watermelon wings.  It was awesome.  The hint of watermelon married perfectly with the wheat in the Hunny Do and the wings would give you a slight hint of watermelon, with a medium bite of heat on the back.  YUM.

Can't wait to see what pairing will be next!  Next Tappetizer Special will be Thursday, May 7th from 5-7 so make plans to join us at Grizzly's for an awesome food and beverage experience!

Plus, look for cans of regular Hunny Do Wheat Beer from Third Street Brewhouse at your favorite beverage retailers.




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