There aren’t many things in life that I enjoy as much as I enjoy rock music and Star Wars, but one thing that ranks pretty high up there is beer. It’s basically the 8th wonder of the world. A well brewed concoction can brighten your day and keep the stress at bay.

Although I always love hitting up a brewery that I’ve never been to before, or trying a new craft beer, something that I’ve always been interested in is brewing my own beer. It’s been on my list of things to try for quite some time now, but to be honest, I was never really sure where to start.

While browsing the internet recently, I came across a cool little company in Minneapolis called “Northern Brewer.” They sell the supplies necessary to start brewing your own beer at home. They offer starter kits, ingredients, recipe kits, equipment, and more. If there’s a beer snob in your life, you could definitely swing by Northern Brewer to pick up a couple of Christmas gifts for them.

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