All sporting events are going to look a lot different this year with empty or half full stands. The absence of a crowd is bound to have an effect on sports events everywhere.

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Baseball is returning for a shorter season but without fans in the stands. Some teams have been trying to be innovative as far as including the absent fans in the game. A few teams are selling tickets to have a cardboard cutout of fans in a seat.  One team is giving foul balls to who's cutout is hit by the ball. Is this worth the price of a ticket?

Buffalo Wild Wings is trying something different. Instead Buffalo Wild Wings is trying to bring a little ballpark ambience to their sports bar during major league games by hiring major league stadium beer vendors.

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What the hell, it's not like they have anything else to do right now, right?  They are starting this first in Washington D.C. and plan on adding other cities later.  The Washington Nationals organist was also hired to play at BWW during the games.

The beer vendors start today in DC and BWW plans on adding other cities.  Kind of a cool idea, beer vendors walking through the bar selling beer and hopefully giving fans somewhat of the feel of being at the game.

Buffalo Wild Wings is even serving wings in those little plastic batting helmets you buy at the stadiums.

It's not clear which city they will do this in next.  I'm assuming that if Minnesota is next, they would be doing it here in St Cloud and perhaps at all the BWW locations everywhere in Twins Land.



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