Normally, I would shy away from a green hamburger. This is no exception.

Burger King is in the Halloween mode and introducing a burger that is not only green but is said to cause nightmares.

This new green burger comes out Monday and is called the Nightmare Burger. It's a chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese served on a green bun. My first thought was maybe they were just trying to get rid of some moldy buns, but that isn't the case.

It's not just the green bun that makes this burger scary. It seems Burger King teamed up with some researchers and ran a study. The study found that when people ate the Nightmare Burger, they had three and a half more nightmares than normal.

I suppose one of the nightmares may be turning your poop green. Already available at Burger King for Halloween is black Fanta Slushie that is said to turn your poop all kinds of strange colors. Same thing happened with their black burger bun a few years ago.

Check out the night mare research on the Nightmare Burger below


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