There is nothing sadder than a kid going hungry in the richest country in the world. Some families are just barely making it and cannot always keep up on their kids school lunch accounts. It's a great thing when I hear about people paying off all delinquent accounts at schools. Money well spent.

Students and staff at a high school in New Hampshire was fired for letting a student take his food even though his lunch account had a zero balance. She said that she had been instructed to not pull trays but to just tell the student to tell their parents that they needed more money in their lunch account and let them take the food.


Bonnie Kimball, an employee at the school for 5 years was let go after a superior witnessed her giving the kid free food. The kid's mother did bring his account up to date the same day that Kimball was fired. Two of Kimball's co-workers resigned in protest.

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