So, Toronto's Taco Bell is putting up a billboard that actually dispenses nacho cheese right out of the billboard.  WHAT??  Yes, right out of the billboard.  This is crazy.  Before I think about all the things that could go wrong with this... clogging, running out, just running all over the place and winding up being completely gross... I mean, think about the maintenance that this thing will require.  But still... nacho cheese dispensed right out of a billboard.  You do, however, have to bring your own chips.

Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Premiere
Craig Barritt/ Getty Images

Now, I was thinking... we have a Taco Bell here in town.  Can we get one of these things here?  I mean, I would be willing to start a petition for that one... who's with me?

Do have a question though... is it warm?  And if it is, how does it stay that way?  And if it has a warmer or something, how is that thing powered?

So many questions.  But I'm still stuck on the "Hey- nacho cheese right out of the billboard"!  Even if it is just for one day... and just a part of that one day.


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