K-Cups (for Keurig machines) are convenient. You can make a single cup of whatever flavor coffee you want (but do they have coffee-flavored coffee?), and then choose another flavor for the next cup, all without having to make (and likely waste) an entire pot of coffee. 'Merica, amirite?

The side-effect of all those little plastic cups is a ton of waste. There's a serious movement to get the little cups banned. There's also a serious-not-serious-but-serious parody video imagining the world being invaded by K-Cup monsters. For convenience (and your entertainment), it's embedded below. Do note: NSFW language.

We travel to Canada, where a store owner has an awesome idea for recycling the K-Cups. Meet Garnet Wheaton, owner of Wheaton's Furniture Stores. Garnet's stores sell the Keurig machines and K-Cups, so he figured out a way to be environmentally conscious while also being socially conscious.

Garnet's trucks - after delivering their goods to his various stores - return to the warehouse empty. Now - after dropping off their load - the trucks are loaded up with empty K-cups to be returned to the warehouse.

Upon arrival at the warehouse, the cups are emptied of their used coffee grounds (which is then turned into compost) and recycled. To help with this, Garnet has teamed up with the Dartmouth Adult Services Center to provide jobs for adults with intellectual disabilities. The job - according to the center's director - helps develop the adults' work skills.

A win-win-win: disabled adults get jobs, the K-cups are recycled, and Garnet's stores have less waste. To promote the program, Wheaton is offering a dollar's worth of coffee products for every 24 K-cups dropped off at his Moncton, New Brunswick store.

A win-win-win-win! And that makes this today's "Happy News Over Angry Music" story!

H/T: The Good News Network

And the parody video that I promised: