I think we can all agree that 2020 has pretty much sucked, for the most part. Traditional things we have always taken for granted and never thought that they may not happen.

New Yorkers Celebrate Halloween In The City
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Well, that was all before the coronavirus hit the planet and so many things have been cancelled or postponed. With Halloween approaching, many parents are concerned and wondering if it will even be happening this year, 2020 the non year.

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Although the CDC or WHO haven't really released any guidelines for Halloween, Safe Smart Living has put out some safety tips for trick or treating, which is the most important part, right.  Not to downplay that one guy friend of yours that dresses up like a woman every Halloween.

  • Wear a face covering or mask. You can try to make it part of your costume.
  • Exercise social distancing, keeping that 6 foot distance from others.
  • Go in smaller groups
  • Put the candy out at the end of a six foot table.  That way you can still interact with the trick or treaters while at a safe distance.
  • Leave candy in a bowl on your step
  • As for every Halloween, just give out pre wrapped candy.
  • As a courtesy, put some hand sanitizer outside your door

Hopefully, we can all have a save and healthy Halloween. It would be a shame to deprive the little monsters a fun Halloween.

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