There has been a debate regarding candy corn.  Is it the grossest Halloween/Fall candy?  Circus Peanuts- I'm looking at you as a contender for that title.  Anyway, some people think that candy corn is an absolutely no go as far as any edible candy.

We all know that it is that confection that is mostly sugar. We get that.  It's got that candy "shellish" coating on it.  And actually, that's where it goes wrong... like really wrong.  That "shellac" if you will, is made out of.... bug secretion.  Yes, BUG SECRETION!!!!  

They don't call it that, of course, because ya know, gross.  It's got a much more palatable name- "confectioners glaze" or "shellac".  But- that's where it gets tricky.  What exactly is "shellac"?

After feeding on tree sap, the female lac bug secretes a substance called lac to protect her soon-to-hatch eggs. Often found and collected in forests of India or Thailand, the lac later hardens to create a flaky shellac. It is then dissolved in ethanol, an alcohol fuel distilled from plant materials. The process leads to the creation of glaze and shellac polish.

Oh, and by the way, candy corn isn't the only thing that is coated in the "bug juice".  Jelly beans, extra shine on apples, some pills you may take and finger nail polish.  But generally you aren't eating that last one, so big deal.  But the other stuff.  "EWWWW David!".  (Good Schitt's Creek reference).

The FDA does consider the substance as safe, but I'm sticking with gross.  Sometimes it's just better to not know.  As long as I'm at it, there are some other Halloween ingredients to avoid.

...the glaze may not be associated with direct nutrition issues, other ingredients in your Halloween bag might be. Corn syrup, often used for extra flavoring, has been linked to the United States’ diabetes epidemic. Many treats are also packed with added sugars linked to obesity. 

Bottom line- read a label.  And full disclosure, I do think that candy corn, or at least the Autumn Mix is very good mixed with some dry roasted peanuts.  Try that. Maybe it will take your mind off of the "bug juice".

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