It seems that lately they are infusing a lot of things with CBD. I think CBD just might be the new vitamin supplement

Carl's Jr, a burger chain in the Southwest U.S. is introducing a CBD infused burger. this burger will only be available, for now, at one Denver Carl's Jr location and only on one day, 4/20 of course.

When I first read the headline, I thought maybe they were actually infusing it with full blown THC, you know, like edibles.  Marketing genius, I said to myself. A burger that gives you the munchies. And you just keep eating them until you explode.


Turns out that's not the case but If you happen to be in Denver on 4/20, be sure to stop at Carl's Jr and try the Rocky Mountain High Cheeseburger Delight. It will set you back only $4.20

Carl's Jr says if it proves to be a good seller, they will consider adding it to the Carl's Jr menu.  BTW, Carl's Jr burgers are delicious. Wish they would pop up a shop here in St Cloud.

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