Dear Baxter, All My Friends Keep Hitting on My Mom.
My friends are constantly hitting on my mom. At first it didn't bother me but it's gotten out of control. My mom is a single parent. They make a point to only come over when she's home. The jokes and lewd comments are really starting to bother me...
Feeding the Homeless with Prankster Tom Mabe
Tom Mabe has been one of my favorite pranksters for many years.  Check out fro some of his hilarious pranks.  This prank is to feed a couple of homeless guys on the street.  It's really quite ingenious.
I Can Walk on Water, Tequila is a Different Story
Although my big drinking days are probably over, I have many fond non memories of wild tequila adventures. There is just something about tequila that would give me this "let's go get arrested" feeling. One story I'll never forget is when I was living in California and my two roommates and …

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