Everyone likes a good prank, right?  Not everyone likes to be pranked but that's half the fun. As long as no one gets hurt except for maybe a slight dent in their pride. I've played a few good ones in my radio career as well as my childhood.


When we were kids and boredom would set in , we became pretty creative to pass the time.  After dark we used to put an old purse in the street under a streetlight. We's tie some fishing ling to it and hide in the bushes waiting for a car to come by. When a driver saw the purse, they'd stop, look around and make a grab for the purse. As soon as they got close to grabbing the purse, we'd pull the fishing line and the person would freak and get in their car and drive off.

This one almost got me and my morning show partner fired.Years ago, when I was doing a morning show in another town, it was April Fool's Day, and it just so happened that the new $20 bill was coming out. There hadn't been a new bill introduced for a long, long time. We ran a fake PSA saying that the new twenties were coming out on Friday and the old ones were only good until midnight that day. The banks were flooded with people trying to trade in their old twenties before the deadline. Needless to say, the banks were not happy.

Have you ever played a great prank?

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