I'd have to give this student an A for imagination. Missouri high school student, Kylan Scheele put his high school up for sale on Craigslist. Brilliant, right?

Other students were busy planning run of the mill type senior pranks, but not Scheele. He said "And I thought, let's do something more laid back, so I decided to post the school for sale.


He listed Truman High School at the bargain price of $12,275 on Craigslist. He described it as a "Huge 20+ room facility" and went on to list more selling points:

"Newly built football field"

"Newly added 4 modern day rooms"

"Next to Walmart for convenience"

"Huge parking lot, great for party goers looking for somewhere to park"

"Bigger than normal dining room"

Named after hometown resident, Harry S Truman and his family"

Police declined to press charges and suggested that Scheele remove the ad and talk to school officials. Well, school administrators saw no humor in the prank and suspended him for the remainder of the school year and he will not be able to participate in his graduation.

I still give him an A for creativity!

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