There is nothing more irritating than a bad neighbor. It really takes away from the peace that one should be able to expect, living in their home.

There is a woman in Oklahoma that not only got busted setting her neighbor's house on fire, but got caught on her very own home security camera. 59 year old Annie Durham was not exactly getting along very well with her next door neighbor.

She accused them of being drug addicts with people coming and going all times of day. Well, Annie had an idea, burn their house down. Not the brightest of ideas but Annie doesn't seem like a rocket scientist.


Annie tied a rag on a stick, soaked it in lighter fluid, set it on fire and commenced to torch her neighbor's house. The house was pretty well gutted by the time firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze.

Unfortunately, Annie committed her arson in full view of her very own security camera. When police viewed her camera's tape, what do you know?  There was Annie setting her neighbor's house on fire.

She was arrested for 2nd degree arson.

(Source, NBC 4-Oklahoma City)

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