COLD SPRING -- A central Minnesota artist is embarking on an ambitious project.

Dan Mondloch is planning on painting three paintings a day for the 30 days in November for a total of 90 paintings. All of them will be plein air, which means outdoors, and they'll all be images of scenes from around central Minnesota.

He'll be selling the 5 X 7 paintings for $150 with $50 of that going to charity, and the 8 X 10 paintings will be selling for $300 with $100 of that donated to a local charity.  He says he's still working on the details on specific charities and is open to suggestions.

Mondloch says the work will be done and ready for you to hang on your wall.

So they'll be on cradled panels which just means they have an edging to them so you can hang them right on the wall, you don't have to frame them.  They'll be oil paintings and water colors, the water colors I'll be spraying with a varnish so they'll be protected.  It's a nice accessible way to display art.

For the first 24 hours after they are done, they'll be available exclusively for Mondloch's newsletter subscribers, then after that, they'll be more widely accessible and also on display at Bad Habit Brewing Company in St. Joseph.

Mondloch says artists will do this type of marathon from time to time to generate interest, and also to grow as an artist.

This project is partially funded through a grant from the Central MN Arts Board.

Dan Mondloch, submitted photo
Dan Mondloch, submitted photo

There is also a new children's book is now available with illustrations from Mondloch. He has teamed up with his friend Liz Fiedler who wrote the book after her husband passed away unexpectedly. She wrote it to help her through the grieving process.

Mondloch says the partnership started out of a gesture of support.

I think I painted 14 and then I had done four previously.  When her husband Josh had passed away I looked at her Instagram account and I painted for her just as a gift these little 5 X 5 black and white images and just gave them to her.

Fiedler owns a cut flower business Sunny Mary Meadow, so all of the images in the book are inspired by that.

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The self-published book is the first for both of them. You can buy it at Barnes & Noble here in town and also on

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