I was anything but a good kid when I was in my mid teens but I never stole a car. That is, if you don't count rolling my parents car down the driveway after they were asleep and joyriding all night.

According to FOX 9 the Ramsey County Sheriff's Department recently released the police car dashcam video and it's a wonder more people weren't killed or injured during this chase.

This turned out to be anything but a "joyride".  This police chase in Maplewood, Minnesota ended tragically for these mid teen kids in Ramsey County. 15 year old Alyjah Thomas and 14 year old Marcoz Paramo lost their lives after the vehicle they had stolen crahed during a high speed police chase through Maplewood.

Two other teens were seriously injured and the driver, that fled the scene of the crash and later apprehended, was later arrested and now faces vehicular homicide charges.

The video shows a pretty extensive police chase through Maplewood, Minnesota on Larpenteur Avenue before the vehicle carrying the 5 teens crashed.

After trying to stop the vehicle, which was reported stolen, the driver took offer and the chase was on. After what seemed like a pretty lengthy chase the vehicle carrying the 5 teens crashed near Larpenteur Avenue & Chamber Street killing two teens and seriously injuring two other teens in the car.

Car thefts in the Twin Cities seems to be an all too common occurrence. Why anyone thinks they can outrun the police, I don't know.  Does anyone actually get away?

Anyway, there are two teens dead, two seriously injured and the driver will most likely to be locked up.

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