ST. CLOUD -- Coborn's is supporting local schools through a new customer rewards program.

Coborn's new More School Rewards program is giving customers, who are already More Rewards members, a chance to support a school. Members get to choose from a list of just over 470 schools that they would like earn points for. Customers earn points by buying store brand items, such as Food Club, Top Care and more.

Kevin Hurd is the Communications and Engagement Specialist for Coborn's. He says as members buy those specific items, points will add up and go toward the school of their choice. He says those points will turn into cash for the school.

"We're looking at it being one point per dollar spend, and this would be enabled from September 1 through May 31, when the More School Rewards program is still in effect. With this as well we are committing $150,000 to schools, giving back to schools this school year."


Hurd says by summer Coborn's will be presenting checks to schools.

"Schools will have full control and be able to use those funds for any of their expenses, as I mentioned the program runs September 1 through May 31, after that we'll look at getting the checks out to the schools by the end of June."


Coborn's was founded in 1921, Hurd says the company values education and wanted to make a program that would be easy for customers to use, to help support schools.

Schools do have to sign up to be apart of the program. Hurd says sign up information can me found on

If you're not a More Rewards member you can sign up online at If you are a member, you can log on to your account and choose from a list of schools. Once you have chosen a school you can start earning points for that school.

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