It's just a fact of life. If you live in Minnesota. sooner or later, it's going to get cold. You can bitch about it but that will do you no good.


So, I will give you a few positive things to consider about the impending cold we will be living with for the next several months.

You can put your dog on the treadmill instead of walking it.

All the leaves you left are now covered by snow and will be nicely preserved for you until Spring

No bugs

No line at the Dairy Queen

No birds pooping on your car

Layer up. You can wear 3 days of clothing all at once and forget packing a bag.

Less drive by shootings.

Deodorant effective for a longer time

U turns are easier on icy roads

No guilt sitting inside watching movies on weekends

You can store your perishables and beer in the garage

And finally,

Dog poop is easier to pick up.



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