Having a dog is one of my greatest joys in life. Keeping them exercised, fed and happy can be a daunting chore but the poop pick up has to be the worst.

Actually, one of the only things I like about winter is the ease in picking up behind my dog, Astro. No mushy turds, just frozen solid butt chunks.


Well, the future looks bright for those that dislike the task of constant poop cleanup. There is a company that has come up with a great product. we already have robo vacuums but soon, we will have robo poop scoopers. Genius!

The robo machine is called Beetl and is equipped with computer vision and front cameras to help it seek out the dog poop , and once it spots the fecal land mines,the robot moves directly over the poop and uses a mechanical claw to scoop it up.

Unfortunately, it's not available yet but will be soon. we'll keep you posted.

I'm seriously thinking of nominating the Beetl for a Nobel prize. Check out the video below

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