You see them everyday on the internet. Conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory. Some seem unlikely but not totally impossible. Others are just fricken ridiculous.

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The COCID-19 is a hoax. Implemented to bring down the president and the entire planet Earth is in on it. The whole world willing to sacrifice it's citizens and economy just bring down Trump. Really?

The virus was created by the New World order as an experiment in controlling the world population. I'd have to say this seems highly unlikely but would make a great sci fi movie.

Dr Fauci and Bill Gates were college roommates at Cornell University and hatched this virus scheme in college to take over the world by vaccinating the world and planting tracking chips in us all. First of all, Bill Gates never attended Cornell.

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The plan is Senator Kamala Harris will step in as president immediately after the election if the Democratic ticket wins and Biden will resign.  Just ridiculous.

I actually saw a post the other day from some knucklehead that theorized Michelle Obama was really a man and the Obama kids were leased from a friend for show. He was totally serious.  How do you even respond to something like that?

Okay, my favorite conspiracy theory is, are you ready? Donald Trump is actually Andy Kaufman after plastic surgery and he playing a huge prank on the world.  Good one, Andy!

There are so many more but I'm pretty busy, right now, hanging netting from my shiny tinfoil helmet..  Because, you know, Hillary is going to release billions of Murder Hornets soon. I read it on the internet.


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