What? Now I'm upset.  Samples at Costco is one of the best things that happen in that store.  If you are going to commit to buying a giant box of something it would be nice to know what that item tastes like first, right?

Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Now, because of this coronavirus thing we can't have nice things, like free samples at Costco.  Although it's not clear if this is happening in every Costco, or just for some of them.  But I was at Costco yesterday and there weren't any samples.  So, this leads me to believe this is also including the St. Cloud store.

I'm not sure what the big issue is... anytime I have seen anyone handing out samples their hands are gloved, and their hair has been netted.  But maybe it's the breathing around them??  Anyway, now this is getting serious when there aren't any samples at Costco.  What am I going to do for lunch now?  (kidding)

Wash your hands, people!

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