You've probably figured out by now that Costco has you covered in just about every department. Say, you are planning on popping the big question and you are feverishly shopping for the perfect ring. It's a tough road for most.

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But, what if you found the perfect ring for your, hopefully, future wife?  A ring she would wear proudly and pretty much close the deal on her accepting your proposal.  A ring that told her how much she meant to you.  A ring she could sell after the divorce and buy a house. What?

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That's right!  They say you should spend 2 months salary on an engagement ring. A scam most likely conceived by the jewelry store industry. Well, by the 2 months salary formula, you'd have to be earning an annual paycheck of around 2 million dollars. No problem, right?

If I've just described you, then Costco has got a deal for you. A perfectly round brilliant 6.55 carat diamond ring for a mere $329,999,99.  Really, you're spending that kind of money and they still pull that old 99 cent game?  Let's just say $330,000 for this masterpiece of a ring.

The ring comes in a size 7 and get this, does not provide resizing. Costco claims the ring can be adjusted to fit any finger.

If, by chance, $330,000 is a bit over your budget, Costco also has an assortment of rings that may be more in your price range.


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