When it comes to good deals at Costco, there is one that has always been the "best" deal.  There is no better deal than their rotisserie chickens.  They have been at $4.99 for years, and there is no plan to change that cost.  And actually, they lose money on those chickens, but it's a Costco staple and it's not going anywhere.

BUT, with that said, there is a change that will be happening, and has been implemented already at some Costcos.  What is that change?  It's the packaging.

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Rotisserie chickens have always come in a hard plastic container.  And it causes a lot of plastic waste.  Costco will be transitioning to plastic bags.  Although these bags are still not recyclable, they will reduce the plastic waste by about 75%.

The memo states that the chickens will still have the "same product quality," but the new bags will be much more environmentally friendly thanks to a 75% reduction in plastic.


This seems like it would be a good thing, right?  Apparently not so much... according to their customers.

Apparently the issue comes with the fact that some think that the new plastic bags may be messier than the plastic tray type packing was.  Maybe worrying about leaking or some other issue.  Let's maybe wait and see what happens first.  My thought is that before they rolled out the bags, they would have tested against these issues and made sure the bags would be properly sealed.

Some even suggested that the new bags could make it harder for Costco's deli workers to package the chickens after they're cooked.

"It's gonna be rough for those workers, I can't imagine it's easier to slide chickens off those big skewers into a bag than the open trays while a crowd of salivating shoppers stare at them,"

Now, we wait for the actual roll-out of new packaging here in the states.  The bags have already been used in other countries like Canada.

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