"People are strange" ~ Jim Morrison

Preach it, Brother Jim!

I spent many (several) years of my younger days as a line cook. Either people's taste buds are evolving/devolving, or the eaters of the world are just getting braver.

Uber Eats has seen some stuff, man, and not just requests for "no onions" on food (apparently, that's the most common request that they see). I'm talking about folks requesting some weird combinations. Like cottage cheese with...mustard.


OMG! Photo by OSPAN ALI on Unsplash)

I could just be missing out on a food combination that I'd really loveNOPE NO WAY NOT HAPPENING.


It gets weirder.

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Other culinary oddities that customers are blessing delivery drivers with include:

  • Steak with jelly
  • Seaweed with pasta sauce
  • Butter with pickled onions

First off, I can actually respect steak with jelly. "Sweet and savory" is a legendary combination, sometimes people just take the scenic route to get there.

I've tried seaweed several times and cannot fake a palate enough to enjoy it. No amount of pasta sauce will help. Also: "pasta sauce" is too vague. Do they mean marinara? Alfredo? Pesto? None of those will work for me.

Butter with pickled onions. *sigh* All I can picture is some awful abomination of spreadable butter with pickled onions mixed in. That's a no from me, dawg.

Louis Verdad Collection - Spring 2005 - FrontRow
*Stares in forthcoming trademark lawsuit* (Amanda Edwards / Stringer via Getty Images)

As a kid, one of my favorite weird food combinations was Frosted Flakes and American cheese. It was amazing and definitely didn't contribute to my lifelong weight struggles at all. My weirdest request for food orders as an adult?

"A gross amount of black pepper"

I'll see myself out.

Never order a burger from IKEA (Photo by emy on Unsplash)
Pro Tip: Never order a burger from IKEA (Photo by emy on Unsplash)

H/T: Uber

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