Plant-based food is so based. I have no idea what that means. Fr fr, no cap, clue.

Turns out the hippy food can also be super-high (hello) in salt and saturated fat.

Plant-Based Foods Can Be Loaded With Salt and Saturated Fat

Saturated fat is the really bad kind of fat. Not as bad as trans-unsaturated fats, but still bad. Salt is necessary in small amounts...amounts which are far lower than what typical Americans consume.

It turns out that even the hippies are too salty.

Australian researchers hell-bent on disproving the "hippy=healthy" farce found that one cup of tofu has the equivalent of an entire day's worth of salt, according to nutritional guidelines.

Wait...I said one cup of tofu? I meant just one half-cup of tofu.

The vast majority (90%) of the hippy cheeses weren't fortified with calcium...another essential nutrient we usually depend on dairy products to get (but often overlook better sources of calcium like broccoli PUT AWAY YOUR PITCHFORK). Lack of calcium contributes to brittle bones and thin skin.

Meat alternatives that the nature folk often champion can be loaded with salt and saturated fat, making the cons far outweigh the pros.

As if that weren't enough, nutritionists are warning (because we can't be bothered to read nutrition labels) that oat milk can be extremely high in sugar, and coconut milk were often loaded with saturated fat.

Leave it to corporations to take healthy-ish foods and turn them into nutritional abominations.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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