It's becoming more common for these big stores to put in some sort of restaurant for their customers to dine at. Sometimes it's not a bad idea to have a little lunch before you shop. Especially for groceries.Images

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Costco has a pretty good menu and the prices are great. A few Walmarts have Subways and sometimes a McDonald's inside for your dining pleasure.

All that stuff makes sense to me and I never gave it another thought. Then I hear that Walmart is test marketing a sushi restaurant in Arkansas. Really?  How hungry would one have to be to go to a Walmart for sushi?

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First of all, I should confess, sushi is not on my list of delicious foods. I call it "bait". I always thought it would be funny to open up a bait shop, your one stop for bait and sushi.

Anyway, I can't see this catching on around the country but I never underestimate the loyal Walmart shopper.  I guess they'll have to drop that slogan "We have everything...except fresh sushi".  Okay, I may have made that last part up.

The biggest obstacle to serving sushi in a Walmart is there have to be several other options that fit into the "dining experience" kind of thing for sushi..  Places that specialize in sushi.

If a sushi restaurant came to a Walmart in St Cloud, would you eat there or just kill yourself some other way?

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