Is it just me or are people getting less intolerant every day?  It almost seems as if people get up in the morning with the purpose of getting pissed off about something or someone.

This couple in Australia were in a drive thru at a McDonald's when a car honked at them for getting to close. Ryan Sharp and his girlfriend, who didn't want to be identified, were having none of that honking at them crap.

Most reasonable people would have simply just blown off the honk and gone about their lives. Well, not Ryan Sharp and his girlfriend. They called the cops on the guy for honking at them. Cops told them there was nothing they could do, so Ryan and his girlfriend took matters into their own hands.


They spent several weeks hunting down the honking guy and his car. When they finally found the car in a driveway, the blew it up with a pipe bomb. Really, a pipe bomb.

Ryan is now facing a pile of charges including stalking, intimidation, destroying property, placing an explosive in a car and possession of a prohibited weapon. His girlfriend was charged with stalking and being an accessory after the fact.

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