Even before the pandemic and shutdowns, retail has had it's share of problems. The shutdowns certainly didn't help things. As people continue to shop more online out of convenience and/or for health reasons, retail will continue to suffer.


It's kind of depressing to see empty buildings that once were prosperous businesses for decades.

According to Newsbreak.com, Crossroads Mall is now behind on their mortgage payments. Trepp, LLC, a commercial real estate data firm, Crossroads Mall is delinquent on it's almost 90 million dollar loan.  This marks the first time Crossroads has been behind on it's mortgage.

And it's not just Crossroads, Mall of America is also behind on their mortgage. It's a ripple effect. If stores can't open or customers are afraid to come and shop there, they most likely cannot make their rent payments to the mall.

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When no store rent income is coming into the mall, mortgage payments are pretty difficult to come up with.

It's now more important than ever to shop your local businesses. So many people depend on our local retail stores, bars, restaurants, etc for their livelihood.

Sure, it can be very convenient to buy online and have goods delivered right to your door but buying local keeps your friends and neighbors employed. It keeps money right here in the St Cloud area, which benefits everyone.

Next time you are going to make any kind of purchase, see if you can purchase it right here in town. Gee, it may even cost a few dollars more but in the big picture, it's going to make your community stronger.

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