If you're a Netflix subscriber then you likely saw they were down yesterday (Saturday) for a few hours in the afternoon.

The plan was in place. We'd run some errands, make a late lunch, then chill with some Netflix yesterday afternoon. Well that plan changed quickly as Netflix was down...HARD. Only the shell would come up, but no show images, and you couldn't choose anything. Hold time for customer service was infinite with a message they were experiencing issues.

What to do now?? It was a picture perfect day outside (at least in Sartell, MN), so I decided to mow the lawn. It felt good to be outside, so we took a motorcycle ride through St. Cloud and visited some friends on the south side. We got back and played a little football with my son. At this point, we didn't want to be inside so we started a camp fire and spent the rest of the evening outside around a fire with friends. We didn't care that the service back back to normal by around 7pm.

Thank you Netflix, for being down. The day turned out to be amazing and filled with fun, rather than frumping around on the couch, feeding our faces, searching endlessly for something to watch that doesn't suck. Please plan unexpected outages more often!