'Dark Side'3, YouTube

 If Rick Wright (keyboardist) had his way there would be no photo of any any kind as the cover, conceptual or otherwise.Storm Thorgerson being part of the Hipgnosis design team was an organization famous for their staged and photographed covers. They were responsible for many an eye gazing album cover for various groups, yet speaking of Pink Floyd alone the covers  , 'Dark Side of the Moon' and 'Wish You Were Here' come to mind.

Rick Wright Credit Deep Schism at Flickr Wikipedia

Storm remembers Rick Wright once stating, "Storm let's have a cool graphic, not one of your tatty (figurative) pictures...' I protested. ' Rick, ' I said, 'I do images, I don't do cool graphics.'...Ricks' comment to that was, 'Why don't you see it as a challenge.'"






I would have to say Pink Floyd best listened to with a headset, close your eyes and listen to the music, It will take you away. Enjoy the madness through Pink Floyd's video for the making of the"Dark Side of the Moon":

Click on the buttons at the bottom of each page to follow along, enjoy as I take you to the Dark Side.