'Dark Side of the Moon', YouTube

I bet that every classic rock fan has the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ album in their possession.

'Dark Side of the Moon' LP, Wikipedia

It’s an album where one could probably recite every word; know the timing of the ticking clock, the cash register ring simply because you’ve heard it a million times.

The question of the day is, “how much do really know about this classic album?” The mad classic that ruled the ‘70s is celebrating 40 years of greatness.

In this article I will take you back in time and together will define this lunacy of the Dark Side with some interesting album trivia.

The topics include the design, some of the songs, the sessions, some of the special vocal appearances that help make this classic come alive and the sales of this icon.

I’ll add some videos and pictures to put the perfect image in your head of the album, ‘Dark Side of the Moon.’

Let’s start with the cover art and we’ll go from there. I will take you through the making of the album in a way of various videos, as well as; their music as we move along in this adventure of 'Dark Side of the Moon.'

An introduction to the album, 'Dark Side of the Moon' in a documentary, part 1:

Click on the buttons at the bottom of each page to follow along, enjoy as I take you to the Dark Side.