'Dark Side', YouTube

The man with the designs, Storm Thorgerson brought in seven of his ideas into the Abbey Road Studio where at the time Pink Floyd was recording and it's amazing what happened next.


According to Storm, "as the band worked their way back in they all took a quick glance at all  his seven offerings and kind of looked at each other and said, ' that one' pointing at the prism, took all of three minutes", (info found in 2011 deluxe box set liner notes).

Storm goes on to say in an interview of 2003, "No amount of cajoling would get them to consider any other contender, nor endure further explanation of the prism, or how exactly it might look.  'That's it,' they said in unison, 'we've got to get back to real work,' and returned forthwith to the studio upstairs."

I would have to say Pink Floyd best listened to with a headset, close your eyes and listen to the music, It will take you away. Enjoy the madness through Pink Floyd's video for "The Making of Dark Side of the Moon":

Click on the buttons at the bottom of each page to follow along, enjoy as I take you to the Dark Side.