it was one of the masters for the production of 'Dark Side of the Moon', Alan Parsons (Alan Parsons Project) to bring in Clare Torrey for the "Great Gig in the Sky' as a vocalist.

As it would have it Alan appears to have claimed he heard Clare Torrey providing vocals to a cover version of The Doors tune, "Light My Fire" but she states she has never sang The Doors song ever.

Eventually Clare got the call asking her for interest in singing for "The Great Gig in the Sky", however the only Pink Floyd song she knew was titled, "See Emily Play" apparently that didn't do much for her.

Clare stated in regards to Pink Floyd, "They weren't my favorite band, if it had been The Kinks, I'd have been over the moon."

When she arrived she was instructed to sing for several minutes and don't sing any words. Roger Water's recollects saying to her, "There's no lyrics. It's about dying - have a bit of a sing on that girl,' I think she did only one take and we all said, Wow, that's that done, here's your 60 quid.'" (Clare remembers it being a couple takes and only 30 quid).

Torrey recalls the session that of a disaster and thought for sure they edited her vocals out until seeing it in a record shop names,'King's Road.' While looking at the record she saw her name in the credits.

Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett, "See Emily Play";