As in life, things seem to evolve from something prior, well it's no different in music as we find out about, "The Great Gig In The Sky."

As we tap into the original version of, "The Great Gig In The Sky", we find some bits of a religious voice - over in the mix of the song instead of a female vocal that we know now.

The song was played as an instrumental 'live' over the course of a year but not as "The Great Gig of the Sky" but yet as a song titled, "The Mortality Sequence" and this was before the song was ever recorded. When Pink Floyd was producing their album 'Dark Side of the Moon' most of the songs had no titles.

"The Mortality Sequence" included in it BBC talk show host theologian Malcolm Muggeridge and also snippets of a voice -  over reading versus from the biblical book of Ephesians on tape. Either title, the song depicts the descension of life into death.

Pink Floyd (RARE), "The Mortality Sequence" ("The Great Gig in the Sky"):