In a round about way the song "Money" was influenced by Booker T and The MG's, maybe you can hear some of that influence from the song, "Green Onions" (I'll have the video for you below).

Booker T and The MG's perform live, "Green Onions" (listen for the influence to which the song "Money" comes):

You may notice the blues progression which was written by Roger Waters, David Gilmour has mentioned, "if you listen you can definitely hear the R&B influence to the instrumental breaks". David also states, "I'm a big Booker T fan."

David mentioned he had the Green Onions LP as a teen, and in a previous band they would play the song on stage. His hopes were to be able to incorporate that sound into "Money" without anyone noticing and it worked. David states,"Nice white English architecture students getting funky is a bit of an odd thought".

Pink Floyd's original demo of "Money.":


I would have to say Pink Floyd best listened to with a headset, close your eyes and listen to the music, It will take you away. Enjoy the madness through Pink Floyd’s video for, "Money":

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