Dear Baxter,

I know this might sound crazy but I am truly in love with Jon Bon Jovi. I know if he got to know me, he would feel the same way about me. i write him every day and have not received a reply as of yet. Do you have any inside info on celebrities, like phone numbers or possibly an address?  I fear maybe many of my letters are not reaching Jon and are being handled by his staff or something. Any inside help or any suggestions on how I go about making my dream come true would be greatly appreciated. Connie Bon Jovi kind of flows, don't you think?

Connie   St Cloud, MN


First off, drugs are bad. Secondly, Jon is married and has been for many years to his high school sweetheart. I once had a big crush on Jennifer Aniston. I must have written her a thousand letters expressing my feelings for her before finally receiving a reply. Well, actually, it was a restraining order, but still. Just keep writing and some form of a response will most likely follow.


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