Dear Baxter,

My wife and I have this ongoing argument about with is more painful, a kick in the nuts or childbirth?  Since, for obvious reasons, neither one of us can relate to the other's claim, I fear we will never solve this.  Any insight you could provide would be appreciated.


Devon    St Cloud, MN

Hey Devon,

I've never given birth so I can only relate from your side.  Approaching this logically, I have heard many women comment about how painful childbirth was for them.  Being a guy, I've been kicked in the nads a few times. The difference here, I guess, is even though women experienced great pain during childbirth, Some, if not most, will say a year or two later how they want to have another baby.  Never have I ever heard a guy say they wanted to get kicked in the nuts again.  So, I guess you win, Devon.  Hope this helps.  Warning; You may want to wear a protective cup when you share this with your wife.


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