Sharing a protein shake can be romantic!


I'm a guy in my late 50s and recently I ran into an old high school classmate I hadn't seen since high school.  We had a great conversation until I asked  "what ever happened to Sally P*****?  I think she slept with every guy in town."  To my surprise he relied "I married her".  I stammered a bit and blurted out "the town's not that big".  He quickly excused himself and left.  I think I really upset him.  Any suggestions on how I can make this right?


BH  Cold Spring, MN


Wow, you stuck both feet in your mouth on that one.  My best suggestion is to try not to run into this guy for another 40 years.  By then he'll be pushing 90 and most likely will have forgotten everything and I do mean everything.  Hope this helps.



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