It's the day that bacon lovers wait for all year... although it's probably celebrated every other day during the year anyway, right?  But, today is officially the National Bacon Day.  There are ways to celebrate accordingly too.


1. Order bacon pizza.  Who knew there was "bacon pizza"?  I knew there was pizza with bacon on it, but actual bacon pizza??  Hmmm

2. Buy some bacon covered donuts.  I've heard these are good... haven't tried it.  They usually are the ones with maple glaze and then covered with bacon crumbles.

3. Eat bacon wrapped hot dogs.  What??  Well, why not?

There are also reasons why people love National Bacon Day.  Most of these I consider as a "Duh".  But here are a couple of the reasons:  It's Amazing.  (like I said, duh), It's convenient. Now there is even pre-cooked bacon you can just heat up in the microwave.  It has super-powers.  I had no idea.  Check this out:

Who knew??  National Bacon Day--- CHEERS!

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