We hear so much about bad kids but there are so many good hearted kids out there and this is a prime example of that.  There are always going to be bullies in school but there will also be many more kids with good hearts that can make someone's day and more.  Here's a prime example.

I don't know how you can not smile after watching this video. It truly restores my faith in mankind and the next generation.

It all took place at a middle school in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota where a group of 6th graders were having recess outdoors. Just a little football game to run off some energy. The main player of the day was none other that Kale Hannahs, a 6th grader in Detroit Lakes who, due to cerebral palsy, has been confined to a wheelchair for just about as long as he can remember.

During the pick up football game during recess, the other students wanted to get Hannahs involved and passed him the ball.  After getting the ball, Hannahs wasn't going to let a wheelchair stop him. He went for it!

His teacher was on the spot and got the entire run on video. “I was the quarterback, I was the one running. They gave me the ball and then they were trying to block the other team so I wouldn’t get hit,” Hannahs said.

Since Friday, the video of Hannah's run has gone viral and has been viewed over a million times on WCCO's Facebook page.

Detroit Lakes native, Adam Thielen saw the video and he posted this on twitter.



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