Who knew there was such a thing?  I mean, we all know that beer helps with that, right?  Especially when we have FREE BEER Friday here on the Loon.  But there are actually some specific foods that actually help you cool down on a hot day.

I know that if I asked anyone what that would be (other than the beer) you would probably say ice cream, or maybe some watermelon, right?  Well, there are other things that you may never thought of... like chili peppers.  I'm thinking that makes you hot.  Yes, at first, but then you cool down afterwards.  Spinach will help lower your blood pressure which keeps you cooler.  And believe it or not, soup.  Again, you are hot at first, but then you will sweat which in turn will cool you down afterwards.


If you want to stick with ice cream and watermelon, you are welcome to do so.  Especially water melon because of all the water in it.  It's great for you along with some needed amino acids.


Foods to stay away from are carbs and meats.  Takes too much to digest those foods which in turn will heat your body.  So- spinach salad with chili peppers and watermelon it is!

Stay cool this week and weekend!