Here it is- time for us... if you had a real Christmas dispose of your tree.  The city of St. Cloud will pick them up this coming Monday, the 6th and also on the 13th.  BUT there is another way... and one that is probably a lot more environmentally friendly.  Give your Christmas Tree to a farm that has goats.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Yes, goats.  They love to eat all the pine needles.  First, they are full of vitamins and some antioxidants as well as being a natural de-wormer.  That is a win win.  Good for the environment, and great for the goats.  They get a treat for the new year.

If you know of a farm or rescue near you that cares for goats, it’s worth calling to see if their hungry hoofed tenants might be interested in noshing on your tree and prolonging your holiday cheer.

We had an artificial tree this year, but if we had a real one... I would do this for sure!  I had no idea the benefit that the Christmas Trees had for goats.  Think about it for this year, or if it's too late... then think about it for next year.

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