ST. CLOUD -- They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that couldn't be more true for students as they adjust to the new school year.

After a summer of sporadic eating, kids will also need to adjust to a new breakfast routine.

Kris Scott is the Head Cook at the Area Learning Center. She says they provide either a hot or cold breakfast for students who want it.

"We offer the hot breakfast downstairs everyday, then we offer a breakfast to go to bring in the classroom. So every child can get a breakfast while they are here."


Scott says if students are hungry it will take away from their learning in the classrooms. She adds there are a few things parents can do to help their kid adjust easier.

"Get them to school on time so they can choose their breakfast. Or if people want to donate money to a student's lunch account that's wonderful. It can take a lot of stress off the family who may not be able to afford it."


Snacks like fruit or protein bars are also good suggestions to provide your kids to help them get through the day.

St. Cloud is one of several area schools offering a school breakfast program.

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