I have to admit that I haven't been even slight intoxicated on a plane in a very long time.  There was this one time about 20 years ago where I got seated next to a priest headed back to Florida and we both had a few too many. He was drinking heavily because his dismay of being transferred from Florida to a small church in the middle of nowhere North Dakota.

Does drinking alcohol on a plane give the booze more of a kick? Airwatchdog.com asked  Dr. Yvette McQueen, and emergency medicine physician and travel doctor, you can't blame altitude if you get a little drunk on a plane.  "No, you do not get drunk faster on an airplane,” says Dr. McQueen. “Your alcohol level is processed the same as if you were on the ground. The pressurized compartment on the airplane allows for adequate oxygenation and does not simulate high altitude situations like in the mountains.”

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My next question would be, then why does it feel like you get more drunk on a plane?  “The variant that can affect your alcohol content, drunkenness, and behavior during travel is dehydration,” warns Dr. McQueen. “Between the change of your daily routine and low humidity inside the airplane, dehydration is a common factor with travelers.”

Sometimes we tend to get a bit rundown just getting ready to embark on a trip and this can cause you to be tired and dehydrated. Feeling that way when you are on the plane will only be intensified when you consume alcohol.

Dr. McQueen also recommends that you alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of water to keep you hydrated and avoid carbonated drinks to prevent that bloated feeling.

If you are drinking while flying, exercise some restraint so you don't end up being that guy passed out in Baggage Claim. Cheers!

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