With social media it's hard to not know some of what a movie or TV show is about.  Even some spoilers.  People tend to DVR shows they would have otherwise missed, and they don't want people telling them what happens.  And actually, I have seen people get very upset when they read a spoiler on social media.  Come on!  If you really don't want to know anything about a show you DVR'd and haven't watched yet, stay away from social media!  You can't go on there and expect everyone to abide by your wishes because you haven't watched it yet.  Too bad.


But then there is me... I really don't care if I know or not.  I'll ask about what's going to happen and people will always say "I can't tell you..."  yes you can.  I asked, so therefore I must not mind if you tell me or not.

And even with people getting SO UPSET by knowing any spoilers... the day AFTER... they still went to movies like Titanic.  We ALL know how that one ends, so why the uproar?  That thing was one of the most popular movies of all time.

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Don't worry- if you are a friend of mine, and you ask me not to tell you what happens, I won't.  But just don't get crazy mad when you go on social media after missing the Scandal twist, or something, and expect no one to talk about it.  Stay away.  Best advice I can give you.