For years I used cable TV and switched to satellite TV when cable seemed to be offering less while charging more. That's all it took for me.

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About a year ago, my wife decided (and when she decides you listen) that satellite was getting ridiculous in price and there were many channels we never watched.

We checked into some streaming services and found some pretty good money saving options. As of now we have a service called FUBO which provides most all the channels we watch plus most local stations, except for the local ABC affiliate. This service runs about $25 a month.

To that we added HULU at around $22 a month. A lot of movies and many TV series, old and new.

And finally, we also have Amazon prime which is free with an Amazon prime membership. From Amazon there is an abundance of movies, TV programs and excellent original programming.

What's really nice about streaming is that being away from home during the week, I downloaded our streaming apps onto my IPad and can just plug it into my TV here and enjoy all of our streaming.

So for less than $50 we have all the TV we could possibly want.


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